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La Femme - Le Sang De Mon Prochain

If you suddenly get the urge to hear almost every style of music in a very short space of time, spend a few hours on La Femme's YouTube channel. They have been putting out a slew of fantastically diverse singles over the past six months, ahead of their new album. 'Le Sang De Mon Prochain' (My Neighbour's Blood) sees them veer off in yet another direction, delivering the perfect hypnotic soundtrack to the best French psychedelic 60s Vampire film ever released (that doesn't exist). It's one of those songs that you can't really explain, so just give it a listen.

Homework #1: La Femme - Disconnexion /

Homework #2: La Femme - Le Jardin /

Homework #3: La Femme - Foutre le Bordel /

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