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L’Impératrice - Peur Des Filles

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Joining that seemingly never ending stream of French songs that make you pregnant just by listening to them, 'Peur Des Filles' by Parisian six piece L’Impératrice is a super classy 70s inspired Disco number that oozes quality from start to finish. The title translates as 'Afraid of the Girls' and is a reply to all of those men out there who somehow feel their masculinity has in some way been under attack after they long overdue resurgence of feminist culture over the past few years. A warning - the video is bloody in places, but gets their message across perfectly.

Homework #1: L’Impératrice - FOU /

Homework #2: L'Impératrice - LÀ-HAUT /

Homework #3: L’Impératrice - PARIS /

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