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L'Impératrice ft. Fabiana Martone - Danza Marilù

Updated: Apr 12

L'Impératrice is back and as cool as ever. This time around, it's with the remarkably perfect 'Danza Marilù' featuring vocals from Fabiana Martone. This smooth, deep track has a bassline that feels like a natural extension of Daft Punk's 'Voyager' sound and what feels like an interpolation from Generation X's 'Dancing With Myself (though that might just be in my neurodivergent brain, obviously). Not that it matters because everything they do is so insanely fucking classy. As one of the YouTube comments stated, "They are a mood, a vibe, an emotion, a lifestyle. L'Impératrice is the solution". Wise words, indeed.

Homework 1 | L'Impératrice - Peur Des Filles /

Homework 2 | Fabiana Martone - MAGIC /

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