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Kynsy - Dog Videos (Things That Don't Exist EP)

'Happiness isn't a Fixed State' was one of the best singles of last year, and there's now a four-track EP from Kynsy to go with it which is so fucking good it hurts. The song above is present and correct, but there are three other songs, each of which matches that level of quality, and in the case of my favourite track, 'Dog Videos', surpasses it. There are insane amounts of talent, maturity, and confidence on display here. The whole release is full of smart songwriting, swaggering guitars, and all the memorable hooks anyone could ever wish for. It's dynamite.

Homework #1: Kynsy - Happiness Isn't A Fixed State /

Homework #2: Kynsy - Cold Blue Light /

Homework #3: Kynsy - Elephant In The Room /

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