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Kylie Sonique Love - Complete Me

Getting on RuPaul's Drag Race seems to give you an automatic pass to release a track the second you exit the show. Nine times out of ten, they are weak club tracks. But occasionally, you'll get the likes of a Tammie Brown or a Trixie Mattel, who put a bit of effort into actually making some good music. Cue the most recent winner of the All-Stars franchise, Kylie Sonique Love, who thankfully has taken the latter route and struck gold with this beautiful song, a love letter to the Trans community with a powerful message of hope and acceptance. Wonderful.

Homework #1: Trixie Mattel - Little Sister /

Homework #2: Tammie Brown - Walking Children... /

Homework #3: Adore Delano - I Adore U /

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