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Kylie Minogue - Tension

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

I heard an instrumental version of 'Tension' about a month ago and got wildly excited. It's a quality Electro-Pop track that felt instant, moreish, and packed with mid-90s House vibes, which I'm here for. We now have the full vocal mix, and after spending a few hours with it, I love it even more. To these ears, 'Rave Kylie' has always been when she's at her best, and this song keeps that going in style. Here's hoping the remixes are better than the less-than-amazing ones we got for 'Padam'. Does anyone have Brothers in Rhythm on speed dial?

Homework #1: Kylie - Real Groove (Initial Talk Mix) /

Homework #2: Kylie - Where Is... (Brothers In Rhythm Mix) /

Homework #3: Kylie - In Your Eyes (Mr Bishi Mix) /

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