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Kylie Minogue - Say Something

Oh dear. The prospect of any new Kylie material creates a level of delirium in me like almost no other pop artist (I've still got 'Kylie' on vinyl). But this single is so disappointing I might go and stare out to sea for a few hours until the pain goes away. There is zero joy to it. I think she has probably recorded it solely to become single of the week on Radio 2. The lyrics are cliched, and by the end of it all she sounds so bored I want to reach out to make sure she's ok. Heartbreaking.

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1 Comment

Jul 25, 2020

I thought it was going to be awful but I thought it was OK. No song, though, should ever use the words 'as one' together, and the little guitar riff that persists through the first minute or so is a few decades late. The treatment of her vocals was so extreme that it suggests she can no longer sing, which I don't think is true. Thanks, Andy, I never ever hear new music so your blog is a great way of doing so. Jim xx

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