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Kleerup ft. Yuna - Break Down The Wall

Kleerup is a name that most of you will know from his seismic collaboration with Robyn, and arguably the best single of the 00s, 'With Every Heartbeat'. This new track has a much softer sound, full of gentle orchestral sweeps, warm drum programming, and delicately placed synths. But the one thing that elevates it to another level entirely for me is the sublime vocal from Yuna. Her voice is so light and ethereal. It sort of hypnotises you the deeper you get into the song. Everything combined makes you feel like you're gently sinking into a giant bed of feathers.

Homework #1: Robyn & Kleerup - With Every Heartbeat /

Homework #2: Kleerup ft. Susanne Sundfør - Let Me In /

Homework #3: Kleerup ft. Loreen - Requiem Solution /

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