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Kings Of Leon - 100,000 People

'Sex on Fire' is thirteen years old this year. Blimey. Although, it's probably worth saying now that I wasn't too keen on it back then and that still stands. In my head, it's forever linked with countless groups of pissed straight men screaming the chorus at the top of their lungs while climbing all over each other in some sort of sweaty, Jäger fuelled, scrum. Thankfully, this excellent two-track preview of their new album has a far more measured and reflective sound to it, and both tracks are fantastic. My choice is the wistful, Springsteenesque '100,000 People'. It's really gorgeous.

Homework #1: Kings Of Leon - The Bandit /

Homework #2: Kings Of Leon - Sex On Fire /

Homework #3: Kings Of Leon - Closer /

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