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Kim Petras - Future Starts Now

Being of a certain age, I had foolishly dismissed Petras as someone who was banging out tunes for The Kids and not worthy of my time. But during lockdown, thanks to the Boulet Brothers excellent Dragula Ressurection, I discovered a track of hers called 'In The Next Life' that floored me. It was dark, moody and unashamedly Pop with a capital P. Twelve months later, we have 'Future Starts Now', and it's an fucking monster. Her voice is fantastic, and it's easily got one of the best hooks I've heard all year. Think Ariana Grande on steroids. Killer video, too.

Homework #1: Kim Petras - In The Next Life /

Homework #2: Kim Petras - Heart To Break /

Homework #3: Kim Petras - Clarity /

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