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Kid Moxie - Waiting For Tonight

Last year's 'Get Low' by Glüme from the excellent Italians Do It Better label was one of my favourite songs. They've recently released another of their superb compilations, and there's a reworking of Jennifer Lopez's Hispanic pumper 'Waiting For Tonight' by Kid Moxie that is also hitting the spot. I'm not 100% sure if this was what they were aiming for, but by taking it down an 'Electro Noir' route, they have made it feel like it's being sung by a stalker about to track and kill their current obsession... and it's a much more satisfying song because of it.

Homework #1: Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight /

Homework #2: Glüme - Get Low /

Homework #3: Chromatics - Famous Monsters /

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