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Kep1er - I Do! Do You?

Another day, another K-Pop girl band masterpiece. This time it's from Kep1er, a group formed thanks to a reality TV show, Little Mix style, with nine (count 'em!) members. 'I do! Do you?' is an insanely infectious pop song in the purest form and conclusive proof that a chorus the size of a planet will take you a very long way. I still find that thing where they randomly drop into English slightly odd, but nothing will distract me from how amazing this tune is. Leave your snobbery behind and allow yourself three and a half minutes of pure sunshine.

Homework #1: Kep!er - We Fresh /

Homework #2: STAYC - Teddy Bear /

Homework #3: Woo!Ah! - Rollercoaster /

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