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Everything that KAYTRANADA touches turns to gold. Every single production, remix or collaboration with his name attached oozes quality. 'Caution' pulls in influences from Disco, R&B, and Funk, blending them all into a genuinely magical downtempo instrumental house track. This was initially released in partnership with TikTok as part of their Black History Month initiative highlighting the very best in Black content creators, musicians, influencers, and activists. So expect to hear this masterpiece soundtracking some sort of viral craze or other as soon as that one with Boney M has run its course. God, I have never sounded so old.

Homework #1: Aaliyah - Rock The Boat (KAYTRANADA Edit) /

Homework #2: KAYTRANADA - Taste (Instrumental) /

Homework #3: Janet Jackson - If (KAYTRANADA Remix) /

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