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Kae Tempest ft. Kevin Abstract - More Pressure

Kae Tempest has an impressive CV. Poet, novelist, playwright and rapper, amongst other things. But sometimes, you need a twist to keep people's attention. Especially when you have the distinctive delivery style that they do. Cue 'More Pressure', dipping its toe into Nu-Disco territory and, in my opinion, arguably the best thing they have ever released. Everything, including a superb guest spot from Kevin Abstract, is on point here. This track is digging a little deeper into my brain each time I hear it. At this rate, it'll take up permanent residency by teatime. Song of the year already? Maybe.

Track Link:

Homework #1: Kae Tempest - Bad Place For A Good Time /

Homework #2: Kevin Abstract - Georgia /

Homework #3: Kae Tempest - People's Faces /

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