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K-Klass - Our House (From the Wildlife EP, Pt. 2)

Before the rest of the clubland was dancing their arses off to K-Klass's screaming piano stompers or the endless remixes and dubs they did for other artists, they released something back in 1990 called 'The Wildlife EP'. A considerably more underground affair full of bubbling acid lines alongside deep beats and filthy basslines. A mere thirty-one years later, we now finally have a follow-up, and it's fantastic. Four quality tracks here, but the stand out for me is the lead track, 'Our House'. It's proper, jacking, hi-hat filled heaven with one hell of a kick to it. To the Hacienda!

Homework #1: K-Klass - Into The Night (Wildlife EP) /

Homework #2: Juliet Roberts - Caught... (K-Klass Dub) /

Homework #3: Loni Clark - U (K-Klass Klub Mix) /

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