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Jungle - Keep Moving (Gaspard Augé & Victor Le Masne Mix)

Jungle have been on fire this year, with the euphoric 'Keep Moving' arguably being their finest moment. Following the dancefloor heavy Blessed Madonna remix from a few months back, Justice's Gaspard Augé and former Housse de Racket member Victor Le Masne have collaborated to produce this rather dreamy rework. There's a real lightness of touch here and a genuine feeling of warmth, all of which sits perfectly with the falsetto vocal sample. It's essentially an Electro version of the theme tune to Hill Street Blues with some steel drums chucked in for good measure. What's not to love about that?

Homework #1: Jungle - Keep Moving /

Homework #2: Gaspard Augé - Force Majeure /

Homework #3: Housse de Racket - Roman (Oliver Remix) /

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