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Jungle - GOOD TIMES (Remixes)

If you're going to fiddle about with one of last year's best songs, it makes sense to break out the big guns to ensure you get it 100% right. This remix package for Jungle's luminous 'GOOD TIMES' is easily the finest I've come across in ages. We have been gifted with reworks from Alan Braxe & Falcon, MJ Cole and Elephant Talk. But the pick of the bunch is from Sofia Kourtesis mix. It is a deep, percussive take that feels like it was built to hypnotise anyone who listens to it. Everything here is quality from start to finish.

Track Link: (Sofia Kourtesis Remix)

Homework #1: Jungle - GOOD TIMES (Elephant Talk Remix) /

Homework #2: Jungle - GOOD TIMES (Braxe + Falcon Mix) /

Homework #3: Jungle - GOOD TIMES (MJ Cole Remix) /

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