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Jungle ft. Erick The Architect - Candle Flame

Updated: Apr 5

Fuck me sideways! I expected something good when I saw that the new Jungle track had dropped, but 'Candle Flame' is more than just a great pop song. It's on an entirely different level altogether. Uplifting Disco soundtrack, check. Perfectly judged falsetto hook, check. One of the best guest raps since The Chemical Brothers 'Galvanize', check. This is pure sunshine from start to finish. They have clearly hit their stride, and it shows. They are on fire at the moment. If you can name another act out there whose singles have gotten progressively better every fucking time, I'd be astounded.

Homework #1: Jungle - GOOD TIMES/PROBLEMZ /

Homework #2: Erick The Architect- Skinny Ramen Freestyle /

Homework #3: Taylor Swift - Lavender Haze (Jungle Remix) /

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