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Jungle - Candle Flame (Opolopo Remix)

'Candle Flame' is one of my favourite tracks this year. I assumed remixes were coming, but I was slightly scared about what whoever took on the task would do with it, as it's already perfect. Thankfully, it has been put into the capable hands of Opolopo, so I didn't need to worry. He's chosen to drop the rap and focus on the Disco feel of the original, which ticks all the boxes. By adding some delicious strings and cutting up the vocals, he's created something smooth as silk that would have filled the floor at Studio 54 every single night.

Homework #1: Jungle - Candle Flame /

Homework #2: Dexter Wansel - Life On Mars (Opolopo Mix) /

Homework #3: Opolopo ft. Angela Johnson - Stay This Way /

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