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Julieta Venegas - Mismo Amor

Spanish language Pop is so hot right now. The cynic in me thinks that is likely down to the spectacular success of Encanto. However, I have had my ears pointed towards the continent for ages, and they have been belting out some genuinely fantastic tunes over the last few years. Cue 'Mismo Amour', as classy a slice of downtempo pop music as you'll find anywhere else on the planet, with a simple and effective earworm of a chorus. This is worth a spot on the playlists of the more discerning music fans out there. Yes... I'm looking at you, obviously.

Homework #1: Rosalía - Candy /

Homework #2: Hay Luz - Crab Apples /

Homework #3: Ojete Calor - Mocatriz /

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