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Juice Menace - Sundown

There have already been a couple of other supreme quality Juice Menace tracks released in 2020 that I have kept my eye on. But 'Sundown' is here, and it is easily one of my singles of the year. There is a distinct UK Garage vibe to the track, which grabs my attention immediately. But, as excellent as the backing is, it's all about the rap - which is incredible. The level of confidence and obvious ambition is mindblowing. There is not a single wasted word in the whole thing, and the delivery is daring you to come for her. Track Link:

Homework #1: Juice Menace - Money Dance /

Homework #2: Juice Menace - Bounterfeit /

Homework #3: Rowe Wrights ft. Juice Menace - BROKE /


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