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Joy Anonymous ft. Sugababes - Joy (Push The Button)

My first review of 2023 was 'Drum' by the Sugababes, and shortly after came words about Joy Anonymous' euphoric cover of the Beach Boys 'God Only Knows'. So, it makes perfect sense to my chaotic brain that I should kick off 2024 with a collaboration between the two of them. Straight to the point, this rework of 'Push The Button' is fucking huge. Leaning heavily into the UK Garage revival that's been building over the last couple of years and featuring rerecorded vocals from the original lineup, this has had me bouncing around the house like a lunatic for days.

Homework #1 | Sugababes - Push The Button /

Homework #2 | Joy Anonymous - JOY (God Only Knows) /

Homework #3 | Wookie - Scrappy /

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