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Josh Hvaal - Getting Better (from 'Getting Better EP')

Most weekends throughout the 90s, you would find me completely off my tits on a club dancefloor somewhere in the UK. I've got no shame in my clubbing career. I met many likeminded music lovers along the way, many of whom I am still friends with now. Every track on this really rather excellent four-track EP from Josh Hvaal is giving me a different flashback to some of the clubs I've frequented over the years, but none more so than 'Getting Better', which is slamming me right in the middle of the floor at Turnmills. Pass the Tiger Balm, please.

Homework #1: Josh Hvaal - Basic /

Homework #2: Josh Hvaal - Oi /

Homework #2: Josh Hvaal - Tiptoe /

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