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Josef Salvat - I'm Sorry

'I'm Sorry' is one of those songs that grabs you by your soft bits, drags you along at about a thousand miles an hour, and then dumps you on the ground and walks away without a second glance when it's done. It's Power Pop in its purest form. Electro beats and bassline with a huge 80s chorus. Think 'The Sun Always Shines on TV' but after approximately thirty cans of Red Bull and a gram of outstanding speed. Aside from that excellent Solomun remix of 'Hustler' from a few years ago, this is probably my favourite Josef Salvat track ever.

Homework #1: Josef Salvat - Hustler /

Homework #2: A-Ha - The Sun Always Shines On TV /

Homework #3: Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out /

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