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John Grant - Boy From Michigan

I love a bit of John Grant. His songwriting is never less than exquisite, and he has a musical style that is completely his own. It also helps that his voice sounds like a Lumberjack dipped in melted chocolate. Despite having a catalogue full of quality, his new single, 'Boy From Michigan, just might be my favourite thing he has released since the behemoth that is 'Pale Green Ghosts' back in 2013. It's dark and sinister in all the right places but somehow manages to feel warm, enveloping you entirely, at the same time. It's the best kind of witchcraft.

Homework #1: John Grant - Pale Green Ghosts /

Homework #2: Susanne Sundfør John Grant - Mountaineers /

Homework #3: John Grant - Preppy Boy /

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