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Joel Corry & Tom Grennan - Lionheart (Fearless)

I didn't think Joel Corry would ever grace this blog. He's just not my bag. But 'Lionheart' has caused such an extreme case of PTSD that I need to write about it to cleanse myself. Back in the mid-90s, Faithless released 'Insomnia'. They were the first band I remember using that Pizzicato string stab. Hundreds of copycat tracks inevitably followed, and for a couple of years, I couldn't listen to a promo without THAT sound appearing on every other track... and here it is again. I thought the days of Sash and DJ Quicksilver were behind me. But, alas, no.

Homework #1: Faithless - Insomnia /

Homework #2: DJ Quicksilver - Bellissima /

Homework #3: Sash - Encore Une Fois /

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