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Joe Goddard - Gabriel (Tom Player Strings Version)

Every time I have blinked this year, a new remix of Joe Goddard's essential 'Gabriel' appears out of nowhere. I'm joking, of course, and there have been some corkers (especially the Theo Kottis rework). Now we have Tom Player's gorgeous, string-laden version to add to the mix, and it's stunning. It's been lovingly put together, and the strings perfectly complement Valentina's original vocals, elevating them high above the music, despite the swell the orchestration creates. Yes, after a while, it does sound like something you'd hear in a Lloyds Bank advert. But don't let that distract you from its beauty.

Homework #1: Joe Goddard - Gabriel (Original) /

Homework #2: Joe Goddard - Gabriel (Theo Kottis) /

Homework #3: Joe Goddard - Gabriel (Ewan McVicar) /

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