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Jessie Ware - Save A Kiss (TEED Remix)

The album version of this is loudly knocking on the door of my Top Ten of the year, but I am conflicted when it comes to this mix. I could definitely see myself losing my shit to it on one of London's more discerning dancefloors. But TEED has stripped away all of the detail and quiet elegance that made the song so special to start with and created something emotionless and generic. A track of this quality deserves a remix with a bit of care and not just a rolling bassline and a couple of rave horns chucked at it.

Homework #1: Christine & The Queens - Girlfriend (Remix) /

Homework #2: Tareq - You & Me (Silverhook Remix) /

Homework #3: BT ft. Howard Jones (Lifelike Remix) /

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