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Jessie Ware - Freak Me Now

'Freak Me Now' is the soundtrack to the most incredible house party imaginable. By the time you arrive, the place has just reached its peak. People dancing everywhere, with a million mile-wide smiles beaming back at you wherever you look. Glorious, decadent chaos as far as the eye can see. The bass-heavy Disco is being played so loudly that it's close to shaking the windows out of their frames. Judging by the twitching curtains, the neighbours have probably already called the Police. But nothing as trivial as that can distract you from the scenes unfolding around you. Perfection.

Homework #1: Agent Sumo - 24 Hours /

Homework #2: KH - Question /

Homework #3: Scott Grooves - Mothership... (Daft Punk) /

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