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Jessie Ware - Begin Again

Effortless, Stylish, Peerless & Perfect. I could stop right there, to be honest, but my OCD would kick in, and I'd quickly spiral into a complete meltdown because I hadn't reached the pre-established one hundred words. That would then trigger my ADHD, meaning that the rest of today would be totally ruined, removing the ability to focus on anything else until I go back and finish the rest of the review. So I have zero choice but to keep going until I hit my target. So it's easiest if I make my original point again... Effortless, Stylish, Peerless & Perfect.

Homework #1: Jessie Ware - Free Yourself /

Homework #2: Jessie Ware - Save A Kiss /

Homework #3: Jessie Ware - Spotlight /

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