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Jessica Winter & Jonathan Snipes - All I Need

I consume so much new music nowadays; things I should 100% be bringing to your attention sometimes slip through the net. Which in the case of 'All I Need' is unforgivable. I wasn't sure that Jessica Winter would be able to beat the joy of 'Choreograph' for me, but here we are with a single that has, without a shadow of a doubt, slam dunked its way into my Top Ten tracks of the year. The Kate Bush meets Soulwax track you never knew you needed; this is perfection. So, as instructed, Lay the handbag down and dance. Right now.

Homework #1: Jessica Winter - Choreograph /

Homework #2: Fontaines DC - A Hero's Death (Soulwax) /

Homework #3: Junior Cartier - Women Beat Their Men /

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