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Jamila Woods & duendita - Tiny Garden

Say what you want about Twitter, X or whatever it's called now; it's still one of the best places to discover new music. A few of the cooler people I follow raved about 'Tiny Garden', and as I trust their collective taste levels implicitly, I thought I'd give it a quick go. Long story short, this is one of the finest songs I've heard all year. It's a simple, truly beautiful track explaining the benefits of falling in love slowly. Stripped-back beats showcase layered vocals, giving it a warm, honeyed feel while delivering exactly the right punches where needed. Essential.

Homework #1: Jamila Woods - Holy /

Homework #2: Duendita - One Of One /

Homework #3: Laura Mvula - She /

Bandcamp (Jamila Woods):

Bandcamp (Duendita):

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