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James Holden - Contains Multitudes

Have you seen the movie 'Everything Everywhere All At Once'? If you haven't, it's two and a half hours of complete chaos set in a multiverse deliberately designed to blow your brains wide open when you try and watch it. The same can be said for James Holden's return to producing music with the baffling and brilliant in equal measures 'Contains Multitudes'. Proving that styles or genres do not restrain him, this feels much more like a psychedelic musical collage than a track. It undoubtedly won't be to everyone's taste - but it's worth taking that trip at least once. Wild!

Homework #1: James Holden - Lump /

Homework #2: Banco De Gaia - Last Train To Lhasa /

Homework #3: The Orb - A Huge Evergrowing... /

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