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Jake Spears - I Used To Be In Love (YAME Remix)

This tune is more evidence proving my point that Jake Shears' new music is only as good as its remixes. To be fair, 'I Used To Be In Love' is probably one of the stronger tracks from the album, but it's still missing that spark that made everything he did so thrilling. Cue Ukrainian remix duo YAME, who have taken the original, twisted it around and added a whole load of bleeps and beats, creating a supercharged slice of sexy as fuck Robot Disco in the process. There's a solid Le Chev rework, too. But this one is the killer.

Homework #1: Jake Spears - I Used To Be In Love /

Homework #2: Jake Spears - Last Man... (Hifi Sean Dub) /

Homework #3: Jake Spears - Devil Came Down... /


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