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Jake Shears - Do The Television

Lock up your sons! Jake Shears has slid into his hot pants once more, complete with a fresh bottle of poppers and some handcuffs in the back pocket, and is heading to the Disco. 'Do The Television', written for the Scissor Sisters 'Night Work' album but never used, has been rebuilt from the ground up and turned into an addictive dancefloor track with echoes of those big 80s production numbers like 'Dancing on the Ceiling' and 'All Night Long'. So, I guess I am saying I think it sounds a lot like Lionel Richie. But that's no bad thing, right?

Homework #1: Lionel Richie - Dancing On The Ceiling /

Homework #2: Jake Shears - Meltdown /

Homework #3 Nervo, Jake Shears & Kylie - The Other Boys /

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