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Jake Shears - Devil Came Down The Dance Floor

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Remember how I said his last single was missing the spark that made the Scissor Sisters such essential listening? 'Devil Came Down The Dance Floor' mostly remedies that. It's a joy-filled romp of a Disco tune that lifts and drops in all the right places, leaving your head spinning. The vocals are killer, too. But that's the one sticking point for me. Most of them come from the insanely talented Amber Martin. Without a doubt, it's his best track in ages. But you've got to ask the question, when is a Jake Shears not a Jake Shears song? Hmmm.

Homework #1: Jake Shears - Do The Television /

Homework #2: Amber Martin - Bermuda /

Homework #2: Scissor Sisters - Filthy Gorgeous /

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