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Hybrid - Flashpoint

A lot of people pick the songs they want at their funeral upfront. Not me, though. I have a track I would like played at the exact second I die. It's a nine-ish minute long masterpiece of Russian themed orchestral melodic breaks called 'Finished Symphony' by Hybrid. I would also like it to start raining too, but I am not exactly sure how much control I have over that happening, obviously. Anyway, they have just released a new single, and it's fucking great. It's a dark, intimidating, sci-fi tinged breakbeat monster with a Hendrix breakdown and a suitably disturbing video.

Homework #1: Hybrid - Finished Symphony /

Homework #2: Andreas Johnson - Glorious (Hybrid Mix) /

Homework #3: Radiohead - Everything... (Hybrid Remix) /

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