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HRRTZ ft. Poppy Baskcomb - Saviour

Poppy Baskcomb's 'Luminescent' was one of the best singles of last year. I'm happy to see that she's been getting more attention off the back of it as there's something magical about her vocals that elevate whatever she sings on, which is precisely what has happened here with 'Saviour'. The track itself is a lovely, warm-sounding progressive trance number. It's the sort of thing I used to dance my ass off to a decade or two ago, and it still sounds as fresh as a daisy today. Everything combined is putting a whacking great smile across my face. Love it.

Homework #1: Poppy Baskcomb - Luminescent /

Homework #2: HRRTZ - Paper Aeroplane /

Homework #3: Perasma - Swing 2 Harmony (G&D Remix) /

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