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Hifi Sean ft. Paris Grey - Lost Without U (Carry Nation Mixes)

I've heaped praise on Hifi Sean's excellent 'Ft.' album on these pages before, but I'll remind you all one more time to go and give it a listen if you haven't already. The Paris Grey collaboration 'Lost Without U' was one of the standout tracks for me and has already seen some fantastic reworks from the likes of Horse Meat Disco, Phonk D and Sean himself. Recently re-pressed and reissued, are arguably my favourite remixes from The Carry Nation. Proper chunky, peak time, dancefloor versions that use the vocal brilliantly, especially the dub. Check out the Ralphi Rosario mixes, too.

Track Link:

Homework #1: Hifi Sean ft. Paris Grey - Lost Without U /

Homework #2: Hifi Sean ft. Celeda - The Music /

Homework #3: Hifi Sean Ft. Fred Schneider - Truck /

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