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Hifi Sean - Clone

Are you sitting comfortably? Time for a quick Gay history lesson. 'Clones' were a sub-culture that started in the 1970s in America that pushed the tenet of working-class masculinity above all else. It led to them all sporting a similar look, hence the name. Think Freddie Mercury's moustache, leather, and vest combo, and you're not that far off the mark. They were also known for their hardcore clubbing scene, where sex, drugs and Hi-NRG music were king. Picking up on that last one, here's a new track from Hifi Sean, proving you can never have enough cowbell. Pass the Poppers.

Homework #1 | Patrick Cowley - Menergy /

Homework #2 | Evelyn Thomas - High Energy /

Homework #3 | Sylvester - Dance (Disco Heat) /

Bandcamp: (Polari Records)

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