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Hervé - I Think The World Of You

Once upon a time, for a brief moment back in the early 2000s, there were at least a dozen House tunes with soulful vocal hooks combined with looped French Disco beats released every week. Some of them were massive, others not so much. 'I Think The World Of You' from Hervé would have landed squarely in the former camp. Built around a sample from Donnell Pitman's 'Love Explosion', this is one of the strongest straight-up club tracks I've heard all year. Tough, addictive and almost impossible to sit still to, this has been on constant rotation since my first listen.

Homework #1: Donnell Pitman - Love Explosion /

Homework #2: Kissy Sell Out & Hervé - Rikkalicious /

Homework #3: Hervé - You Give Me Something /

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