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Hayley Williams - Teardrop

As I've said before, no song is above being covered. Anyone can have a go at anything they fancy, but there are bands and singers that you've got to have balls of steel to even try and attempt. Paramore's Hayley Williams has decided to record a version of 'Teardrop', and it's a bit of a car crash. She has a great voice, but Liz Frazer's jaw-dropping vocal and the Massive Attack production are so iconic that any cover really needs to do something extraordinarily different to make it work because a straight-up copy will never cut it against the original.

Homework #1: Massive Attack - Teardrop /

Homework #2: Hayley Williams - Dead Horse (Hot Chip Mix) /

Homework #3: Paramore - Hard Times /

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1 comentario

06 feb 2021

Some songs should remain uncovered, this is one!

Me gusta
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