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HARD FEELINGS - Sister Infinity (AMYL Remix)

I've struggled with HARD FEELINGS. I liked 'Dangerous', but most of the other stuff hasn't really grabbed me. However, those who pay attention to the blog will know that I am a complete sucker for those retro-sounding 80s and 90s remixes, but only when done well. Cue London DJ duo AMYL with a stellar rework of 'Sister Infinity', which is as close to a full-on Hazell Dean/London Boys revival as you're ever going to get. It's also definitive proof that you can never have too many handclaps or cowbells in a song. But we all knew that already, riiiiiiight?

Homework #1: HARD FEELINGS - Dangerous /

Homework #2: Casey Spooner - Blood... (AMYL Mix) /

Homework #3: Sigrid - Burning Bridges (Initial Talk Remix) /

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