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Hailee Steinfeld ft. Anderson .Paak - Coast

Most of you will recognise the name from her movie career, but Hailee Steinfeld has been banging out quality tracks for a good few years. Check out 2016's fantastic 'Hell Nos And Headphones' for one of the decade's finest and most underrated pop songs. Her new single 'Coast' is an outstanding collaboration with the ever-present (in the best way) Anderson .Paak. Laid back, with an effortless feel, both artists are on top form here, and it's a genuinely cracking song to boot. It's a shame she doesn't release music more regularly. But at least it's always excellent when she does.

Track Link:

Homework #1: Hailee Steinfeld - Hell Nos And Headphones /

Homework #2: Hailee Steinfeld - I Love You's /

Homework #3: Hailee Steinfeld - Afterlife /

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