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Groove Armada - Easy (Confidence Man Remix)

Everything has felt far too serious the last few times I've been out 'proper' clubbing. I have had a great time, don't get me wrong. But as someone who clubbed through the decadence of the Nineties, I prefer tunes with a bit of cheek that can make me smile instead of a heads-down, relentless sound. Thankfully, I am happy to report that Confidence Man are continuing their mission to put the fun back into Pop Music, and their new rework of Groove Armada's already stellar Disco number 'Easy' is making me bust out my best impression of the Cheshire Cat.

Homework #1: Groove Armada - Easy /

Homework #2: Confidence Man - Feels Like A Different... /

Homework #3: CHAI - END (Confidence Man Remix) /

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