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Grian Chatten - The Score

Fontaines D.C.'s Grian Chatten has chosen to step away and dip his toes into becoming a solo artist. There have been a couple of tracks so far, my favourite of the pair being 'The Score'. He's always been an enigmatic frontman, and something about his voice cuts right into me. Backed here by gentle guitars, strings and percussion, it has never sounded clearer or more intimate. The simple structure of the song makes it shine even brighter. Hopefully, his band will have new music on the way soon enough. But while we all wait, this will do nicely. Essential listening.

Homework #1: Grain Chatten - Fairlies /

Homework #2: Fontaines D.C. - A Hero's Death /

Homework #3: Green Gartside - Tangled Man /

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