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Gorgon City - Burning (Ben Hemsley Remix)

This is a fucking fantastic remix. It sets off at breakneck speed, everything ablaze, and makes excellent use of the vocal. Then, without warning, after the first chorus, an entirely new and utterly evil-sounding synth line comes in over the top, which is at odds with the rest of the track, making the whole thing feel uncomfortable and jarring. It's such a clever and brilliant noise. In summary, it's the answer to the question 'What would the Pet Shop Boys sound like they both had ADHD, took a load of acid, and then drank about six gallons of Red Bull?'.

Homework #1: Atomizer - Hooked On Radiation (PSB Mix) /

Homework #2: Ben Hemsley - Please Playboy /

Homework #3: Gorgon City - Burning /

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