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Gjon's Tears - Midnight In Paris

Those with a decent memory may remember Gjon's Tears as the Swiss entry in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, where they placed a commendable third. He has released material since, but this one has finally got my attention. Aside from some clever vocal layering, 'Midnight In Paris' is a relatively simple number—almost a Power Ballad in places (but don't let that put you off). I've been listening to it for a few weeks now, and it's crept up on me. It's a quality, gentle Pop track sung by a great singer. What more can you ask for than that?

Homework #1: Gjon's Tears - Tous L'Univers /

Homework #2: Gjon's Tears - Disco /

Homework #3: Gjon's Tears - Silhouette /

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