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Freya Ridings - Weekends

They say that the best music comes from heartbreak, and Freya Ridings' 'Weekends' is a textbook example of how that's the case. However, you don't usually find deeply sad narratives like these wrapped up in a Freemasons-style club banger. But this new dancefloor-friendly style suits her voice perfectly, and Steve Mac's production is killer. The whole thing will leave you bouncing around the room by the end of the track, pumping your fists into the air. Also, it's worth checking out the video as well. It's a Neon Disco love letter to public transport, and I adore it. All aboard!

Homework #1: Freya Ridings - Castle /

Homework #2: Freemasons - When You Touch Me /

Homework #3: Freya Ridings - Lost Without You /

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