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Fred Again.. ft. Romy & HAAi - Lights Out

Did you know that Fred Again.. produced and co-wrote 'Bad Habits' with Ed Sheeran? I didn't. Not that it matters, because it's not a very good song (come for me). However, his new single, 'Lights Out', is five minutes of pulsating, full-force, nineties strobe light throwback heaven. So I am writing about that instead. There are parts of this that kick off to such an extreme level I am getting flashbacks to the seedy Techno clubs of my early 20s. Also, Romy's presence elevates this even further. As Fred himself said recently, 'She's got the voice of a Rave Angel'.

Homework #1: Fred Again.. - Dermot (See Yourself...) /

Homework #2: Fred Again.. - Marea (We've...) (Diplo Remix) /

Homework #3: Romy - Lifetime /

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